Welcome to IIFANS

  1. To be the representative organisation of the nutrition scientists of India and to promote the study of the science of nutrition.
  2. To organise lectures and scientific symposia at different centres of India and abroad and invite leading scientists both from this country and abroad to present new developments in different aspects of the science of nutrition and to exchange information and views. To publish the proceedings of these scientific discussions from time to time.
  3. Institute will conduct survey research programmes, awareness camps, excursion tours etc., on relevant issues and run welfare programmes necessary for overall development of vulnerable groups of Institute and keeping harmony with the nature.
  4. To carry out and foster research on important nutrition problems.
  5. To sponsor and organise the holding in India of national and international conferences such as the Congress of Nutrition.
  6. To secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of the science of nutrition education of the general public.